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Beech Road Festival 2003

Sun, Smiles, Traffic and a Fair

For once, the sun shone, and didn't stop shining.

People came out in smiles, finery and peaceful joy.

Yet again, the traffic continued to flow - dangerous, disgusting and downrigh lazy - if, as we were told by one copper, the police offered to close the road(s), but the organisers didn't get their act together to take them up on it, some questions need to be answered - closing the road to motor traffic during the festival is absolutely necessary!

The food on offer was excellent - usual thumbs up to the dual curry stands and a special 5* rating goes to the SASSO sausage makers. As a non pork eater, finding sausages without a hint of dead pig is always joyful - this year pride of place went to chicken/parmesan, beef/chilli and (?) chicken/tarragon.

Music - not appropriate to a mostly young audience. Most of it was just too heavy and seemed designed to allow us 40-50 somethings to relive the 70s. How about some young bands, organisers?

...and finally - why on earth do we need to have a bloody fun fair at every community occasion?????

And now for the photos - as usual, click on the small version to get a page containing the large. If anyone wants a copy of the originals - much larger, much higher quality, much larger file size - please email me.


Beech Road Prepares

Beech Road prepares

Laughing Policeman

The Laughing Policeman makes a triumphant return

Famous Trevor with Flowers

Famous, flowery and full of fun

SASSO Food Stall


Sasso Food Stall # 2

Mind that sausage

The Stage

Well, you've got to have a picture of the stage, haven't you...

The Crowd

...and the crowd.

Groovy Scooter

And the mods.

Hot Dog Camper Van

No festival is complete without a hot-dog-selling-dub

Plastic Punk Model Heads

And we all went home, tired but plastic, I mean happy. Goodnight

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