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Old Chorlton


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Cover - Chorlton Green Book 1841 Map of Chorlton

1841 Map of Chorlton (Full Image: 88k)

Chorlton Station 1895

Chorlton Station 1895 (?) (70k)

Barlow Moor Road

Barlow Moor Road (18k)

Chorlton Green-1895 (20k)

Chorlton Green 1900/1905

Chorlton Green-1900-1905 (18k)

Chorlton Green

Chorlton Green (25k)

Chorlton Pavilion/Winter Gardens

Chorlton Pavilion/Winter Gardens (20k)

Chorltonville 1912/1913

Chorltonville 1912/13 (23k)

Special Events photo

Special events (33k)

Hardy Lane

Hardy Lane (43k)

Horse & Jockey 1890

Horse & Jockey 1890 (20k)

Chorlton Post Office

Chorlton Post Office (20k)

Hough End/Chorlton Park

Hough End/Chorlton Park (45k)

Hough End/Nell Lane

Hough End/Nell Lane (55k)

Savoy Cinema 1931

Savoy Cinema 1931 (18k)

School Building - Chorlton Green

School Building-Chorlton Green (33k)

Tram Terminus

Tram Terminus (15k)

Wilbraham Road/Barlow Moor Road

Wilbraham Road/Barlow Moor Road (23k)

All images and text taken from 'Looking Back at Chorlton-cum-Hardy' by John Lloyd published 1985 by Willow Publishing, Willow Cottage, 36 Moss Lane, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6SZ whose permission is gratefully acknowledged.

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