All welcome at Autumn Plant Swap in Chorlton!

's obvious really, isn't it?
Got something you don't want: advertise it here.
I'd rather you didn't advertise anything you want money for, though - use this for stuff you're giving away for free or you want to swap for something else.
Fair enough?
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All welcome at Autumn Plant Swap in Chorlton!

Postby Crocus » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:46 pm

We had a great time at the plant swap in Chorlton Park in July, swapping all manner of greenery from the decorative to the edible. Now's a great time to divide up plants, pot up things that have self-seeded and collect seeds from flowers (it's much easier than you might think, guidance is available on the Chorlton Plant Swap website at on the Plant DIY page). If you bought too many bulbs, here's the place to swap them for something else.
It's on Saturday 18 October 10.30 to 1.30 at St Clement's Church on Edge Lane in Chorlton. Plant and other gardening stuff swapping, tasty food and others stalls. All welcome.
More info at - look in the forum.

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