Cat, free to good home

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Cat, free to good home

Postby local_celebrity » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:54 pm

A disadvantage of having more than one cat is that local strays tend to assume that our house must be some sort of feline commune. Currently, we're playing host to a large ginger-and-white fella, who slopes in through the flap and makes himself very much at home on the sofa. An improvised collar and 'found' posters have met with no response, so he's definitely stray and in need of a home.

He's a bold character, intelligent and very affectionate, always rolling on his back when given attention. Age is hard to determine, but he doesn't look young or particularly old. He will need neutering and innoculating, so adopting him may not be any cheaper than buying, but we're hoping somebody wanting a mature cat might take him on. Animal sanctuaries are all full at this time of year.

If you'd like to drop round and met the gentleman in person, let me know. You're more than welcome to have him checked by a vet before making a decision. We'll even make the appointment for you.

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