P. Webb - I'm back

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P. Webb - I'm back

Postby p. webb » Fri Aug 27, 2004 6:04 pm

Just to keep all of you webby lovers up to date -

As I'm sure you now know - I'M Back

Good god, what horrible little lives you people must have if the best thing you've got to bitch about is me and how to spell hummus....and theres me thinking you were all hip and happening young (!) things..lol

The new 6 commandments -

1. Get a life
2. Get laid (preferably by an essex girl)
3. Get a job (thats just for you Louise)
4. Stop bitching about how much money I do/dont make - If you've used a plumber, you know what I charge.
5. Food - give it a rest, food is what keeps you alive to pork essex girls, not something that you need to talk about - unless you're tea's not on the table when you come - then its worth talking long and hard about to your missus.
6. Buy some houses - and then you too would be laughing all the way to the bank - I made £14k on them this month....yayy for me :D

There endeth the lesson - go in peace so sayeth the webby (praise him)

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