so whats been happening?

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so whats been happening?

Postby p. webb » Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:47 pm

Just been reading the posts.

I was touched (sniff) to see I got so many mentions!

Well, it looks like I'm back home for a good while now (at least until January).
I asked my bird about Morrison/Safeway and she informs me it's sh*t and they should sack all the staff and start again....I went into one in Preston on my travels and its very nice!

YumYum - try Essex for your ovoid bird count - they are well up for it. Unless you're a student sniggering about proles and shouting loudly in the Bar about how intelligent you are and how inferior everyone/thing is compared to you. If so, just stick to w*nking.

It feels like I've seen most of the south now, Bushey, Luton, Slough, Richmond on Thames, Oxford, Cheltenham - Milton Keynes (nows there's a topic!) - and even got asked to do a rush job in Devon....didnt quite realise how far Devon was from Luton - I figured I'm near the M25 it cant be that far away (Doh!). And to finish off, a couple of days in Preston (that place really is a dump).

Took the advice about asking for "extras" at the travel lodges - it appears you were misinformed (worth asking though).

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