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wild at heart

Postby MikeR » Sat May 29, 2010 12:01 am

sorry, im on a bit of a roll here - posting away. just got in from work and ive not got anything nice to eat or drink so its on my mind.

anyway i think wild at heart has lots of potential. but it is SOOOO over-priced. ridiculously so. and so limited in terms of goodies. it has a large area outside - in the sun for most of the afternoon - but they dont seem to have a clue about encouraging custom.

the coffee is lovely. there is a woman in there who bakes one or two tasty cakes (disco cake yum yum! marmalade used to buy it from there and sell it on beech road) and they have some really interesting meals but its as if they are determined to price everybody out and keep the outside really unattractive so noone comes in.

maybe they can just about survive and they enjoy a customer-free cushy life. i dont know.

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