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Posted: Wed May 26, 2004 11:16 pm
by p. webb
dear darrrling annie,

If its a wanna-be or a "real" actor is besides the point, I still dont see why i must endure their conversations.

You dont hear me shouting about my job at the end of the day. and surely thats all it is, a job. a very well paid job sometimes, but a job all the same.

I will happily pay to watch them on the telly or the big screen. Just as you might want to pay me to clear your blocked bog, but you dont want to hear me in the bar at night telling you what i found when i was working do you?

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 3:20 pm
by annie
IF they are being loud and dorky and obvious, then they are fame wannabees and worth avoiding. IF they are actors talking about their work, then yes.... live with it!

Acting isn't a "grunt" job like drain unblocker, builder, plumber or the like. It's not something you drop at 5pm (or maybe 4pm if you are a tradesman) and then go the pub and talk football all night.

It's a very big part of your life, and by its nature is very social.

There are lots of people's habits that p*** me off, especially from football supporters. I have to live with it.

P.S. Your intolerance medal is being polished as we speak.

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 3:48 pm
by p. webb

With all due respect, you sound like a f*cking idiot. and an elitist, bigoted, self absorbed snob in my humble opinion.

Exactly how much of your "craft" must i listen to? are you so shallow and self absorbed that you need to go on and on and on about what you did today. do you really think other people want to listen to it? if you have to, why not keep it to a reasonable decible so that only your table has to endure your "claim to fame".

So, if i'm a "grunt" with a "grunt" job, is the girl who works in Greggs just a slag with no prospects? is the guy in A&S "just a paki" who works in a "paki shop"?....because we're not actorrsss daarrrlliinnggg.

Your tolerance and understanding of other peoples situations and working backgrounds is without doubt, staggeringly stupid.

Yet another "socialist" shows their true colours.... Join the vigilantes on chorlton green for your summer killing fields of the oiks.

.......sits polishing annies swastika

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 6:17 pm
by p. webb

....actually, you'd be pushed to find me in your house after 3.45pm.
I dont want to wear myself out....but I do start at 8.30am

and...just for your info, i never liked football or cricket and it boors me stupid too.

My claim to fame...I worked in a City players house once, and didnt know who he was until my young oppo told me he was a footy player. Nice guy though, he gave my oppo a £50 tip (he also got a photo with him, it made his day) and thought it was funny I didnt know who he was!...he even went to the chippy for us!

No airs, no graces, a lad from a council estate worth about a 10 billion squillion quid (or whatever they pay footy players these days) old enough to be my son with good manners and knew he was lucky to be where he was and apreciated every second of it....I had a lot of time and respect for that young man.

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 7:05 pm
by annie

Button pressed... result!

No, it's good actually, knowing for sure that you've shown your true colours. It makes ignoring you a lot easier. After all why waste my time talking to a brick wall.

Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:05 pm
by elliej
As I started the (odd) debate I feel I have to clarify. 'Old Skool' was the shortest phrase I could think of to encompass the time and atmosphere I was trying to describe. Yes - it does reveal my age (33) but so does my mum saying 'smashing' or my daughter saying 'nasty' - so what?

I am a veggie who doesn't care what other people eat.
I read the Guardian on a Saturday because it's educational, and though aware that it still portrays a middle-class, middle-income lifestyle while pretending to have all-encompassing values, it's still the best of the broadsheets.
With you on sandals - unless it's really hot - and never with socks.
Have you had a run-in with a skateboard? Otherwise it seems an irrational hatred.

I think instead of avoiding air-kissy places we should continue to patronise these bars and force pretension out.

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 11:37 am
by Toast
EllieJ wrote:With you on sandals - unless it's really hot - and never with socks.

as someone who drinks in the Irish Centre with the curtains closed on really sunny days - it is my birthright to wear white socks with me sandals and i'll batter ye with big spoons if ye try to tell me any different

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2004 1:44 pm
by sidecar
It's true that most people in the Irish Centre would get sunburn from a 60 watt lightbulb. It must be very galling.

No wonder they're so quick to assault innocent bystanders with cutlery.