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Postby gorgiasgirl » Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:38 pm


I work for So Pilates as the managing director and so I know my stuff. I teach other people to teach Pilates but since moving to Chorlton and being a manager type person I have genuinely started to miss teaching classes so thought I'd set a few up. I also sell really nice Christmas trees...

If anyone wants to do Pilates classes I'll be starting some in Chorlton week commencing May 9th every:

Tuesday 10.30am at YogaPilates which is in the Albany Rd Trading Estate starts May 10th
£7 drop in or you can get 10 for £60 to use as you go

Monday 7pm and Thursday 6pm at the Irish Club starts week of May 9th
£56 for a 7 week course which you sign up to before

Err...yep. Just so you know I'm not having a laugh- I only take 12 people in a class and can teach beginners to advanced. I've been teaching for many years and am a teacher trainer and qualified assessor so I determine the fate of other people who want to be instructors. If you have back pain, are pregnant or have any injuries I'm happy to discuss whether Pilates would be suitable. I also teach one to one sessions with the Pilates machines that look very err scary? The machine (reformer) ...well there are straps and springs involved but it's all in the name of core strength.

You can book on 0161 8700180 (pay by card if you like) or go to the website which I hope I'm allowed to say is www.so-pilates.co.uk/manchester

Oh, and also I run teacher training courses if anyone wants to learn to teach? Starting in May and I'm tempted to offer a hefty discount to anyone who mentions Chorlton...

Sorry if this is too 'sales' related I just thought some of you may be interested.

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