Recruiting research participants in Chorlton

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Recruiting research participants in Chorlton

Postby Mitchinson » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:21 pm

I am involved in a research project looking at lap dance clubs in Manchester, how they are licensed and how people feel about them/how you would feel if one opened on your street etc. This is in relation to recent decision made by Manchester City Council about the way lap dance clubs are licensed, regulated and where they can be located.

Part of the project is talking to local people (specifically in Chorlton, Hulme, Fallowfield and City Centre) to find out what their opinions and experiences are. Manchester City Council and BBC Manchester have also been involved (the latter for an expose on the sex industry in Manchester).

How would you feel if a lap dance club were to open in Chorlton? Do you approve/disapprove of lap dance clubs? Do you think it is "just good fun" or something other than that? Do you really not care either way (if not, why not?). Do you have any problems with any other night time entertainment venues (pubs, bars etc).

Recruitment in Chorlton will take place online, and through a poster/flyer drive.

There is a questionnaire you can answer at this location Interviewees are also being recruited so leave your contact details or message me if you would like to take part in an interview.

The research is affiliated with the University of Kent. Comments and questions are welcome.

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