Roofing Recommendations?

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Re: Roofing Recommendations?

Postby bluebox » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:44 pm

Sarah_B wrote:A few years ago I had quotes from various roofing companies for some work I needed to have done on the roof of my house.

The difference in price and whether or not they could re-use my existing slate tiles was truly unbelievable that it was shocking.

After having quite a few quotes I went with a company that I have recommended to a few people. The company name is something like A Parkes I think.

However the main guy you need to speak to who will come round and assess what needs to be done is called Frank. I always dealt with him, a lovely down to earth guy that won't rip you off. His number is 07711 711472.

Can't agree with you I'm afraid Sarah - I just got Frank round to give me a quote for a replacement chimney pot and some broken slates, quoted me £650 (I nearly had a heart attack) without even going up to look at the damage. Got Mark round to have a look (as recommended by munchkin) - he actually went to the trouble of getting a ladder out and going up there, then gave me a quote at a fraction of the price and did a great job.

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Re: Roofing Recommendations?

Postby als81 » Thu Dec 18, 2014 4:37 pm

We've had bad experiences with two roofers recommended on this thread and we're still searching for someone reliable and honest.

Our worst experience was with Paul Fryer (mobile 07851 535 683). Paul quoted us £120 for what turned out to be half an hour's work. He didn't do the job properly so we asked him to come back and make good. He said he would, then gave us the run around for weeks. After he stood us up four times in a row, and stopped answering our phone calls, we gave up.

Paul is untraceable except for the mobile number on this thread, and I've had no luck tracking down the company he supposedly works for either (P+P Builders). Based on our experience I'd suggest others stay away.

EDIT: After writing this post Paul did unexpectedly get back in touch. He visited the house when we were out and left a note saying he'd fixed the problem. Unfortunately the gutter still leaks. We haven't bothered calling him again.

We did use Mark Backhouse (mobile 07961 867 988) for a while and he was great. He did a series of small roofing jobs for us and was reasonable and reiable, until one day he just stopped wanting to do work for us. We don't really understand why; he just kept saying he was too busy.

It's a shame because we trusted him. We wanted him to fix some leaking guttering that he'd fitted for us a few months earlier.

So now we still have a leaky gutter, we're £120 down, and we're a bit hesistant about who to call next. If anyone has any other suggestions do let us know.

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