Latest wrinkle by the petrol scammers

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Latest wrinkle by the petrol scammers

Postby digger » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:51 am

I swore last time I wouldn't get duped by these scummers again. So you get a free go at telling me what a mug I am.

Sitting in my car waiting for the rain to subside before taking the shopping in and there's a knock on the window. Bloke in a black hooded waterproof, mobile phone in hand. "Have you got a petrol can?"

Having had a few minutes to think about it in hindsight, I've realised the buggers have got wise to the natural response of any fast thinkers (unlike me, clearly) they've approached in the past asking for a "couple of quid for petrol, because I've run out" - i.e. "what are you going to put it in?"

Well as it happens I have not one but three petrol cans I've been meaning to get rid of, so I told him to wait at the front door while I fetched one. Then he pushed his luck, but not being very bright his next attempt made even less sense. Mumbling something about "actually my solenoid's on the blink, so if I put petrol in my car I might not be able to start it, so could you give me a couple of quid for..." I think he realised at that point that asking for money for petrol to fill the can I'd just given him, to then put in a car that wouldn't start, was not only nonsense but also gave the game away a bit.

But it was way too late by then. I'd used the time it had taken me to fetch the can to wake up to the possibility of it being a scam, and already decided that he'd be toast at the first mention of money.

"Look I've got my doorman's identity card with me. I'll leave that here, and my mobile..." Some fake ID, no doubt, cobbled up with a colour printer and a cheap laminator. And a mobile I'd never seen working, probably picked up out of someone's bin. Piss off mate. Keep the petrol can. Don't bother bringing it back.

It took me another couple of minutes, after he'd left, to realise that I've now given him a prop to continue scamming petrol money out of people. Probably neighbours. Dammit. :oops:
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