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The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre

Postby Dan at The Edge » Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:08 am

Hey there :)

My name's Dan and I work at The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre here in Chorlton, we're trying to make people aware of this fantastic arts resource for the local community and beyond. We're transforming an old Sunday School, based in the grounds of Chorlton Methodist Church on Manchester Road, into a theatre & arts centre.

We launched in May this year during Chorlton Arts Festival and had some great shows on, including our community play ' This is Chorlton Calling'. We interviewed older Chorlton residents ( the oldest being 102!) and turned their stories into a community play with a cast of around 50 local community actors. We also have on professional theatre, recently we had 2 puppets shows for children, including 'The Magician's Daughter' from Little Angel Theatre who work with The Royal Shakespeare Company.

As well as performances we have on quite a wide range of classes and activities for young people and adults, including our youth theatre & adults singing group 'The Chorlton Sing'. Recently Chorlton voted in 'Chorlton U Decide' to award us some money to keep our arts club for unemployed people going ( called JUMP!), which runs every Thursday here at The Edge. We also have our own resident theatre company for adults with learning disabilities called ' Expressive at the Edge', their debut performance will be in February.

Hopefully you'll pop by for a visit soon, we're aiming to make this a fantastic resource for Chorlton and hope to become one of the top fringe theatres in Manchester.

For more information visit:

You can also check us out on twitter and facebook



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