A Short Stay in Switzerland

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A Short Stay in Switzerland

Postby Vicarious » Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:20 am

Now, R.E in our shcool isn't really that much to do with religion, but more religious attitudes to life issues and why people have these issues, such as abortion and euthansia. Euthanasia is what we have been looking at recently, and we were shown a film named A Short Stay in Switzerland. This film is based on a true story about a couple, who are both doctors, the husband has a disease in which he is paralysed from the neck down, and is unable to do anything for himself. He is portrayed as having no quality of life and suffering. Eventually, the husband dies and later on in the movie, the wife gets exactly the same disease as him, she decides that rather than suffer like he did, she would like to go to Swtizerland for euthanasia. At first, the family disagree with her, and try not to let her. It's basically about her arguing and fighting to go to Switzerland for euthanasia, as it isn't legal in her country, the UK.

It's a really moving film, and it's very sad. It's quite horiffic in some places so if you are faint hearted it's not somethign you would enjoy. But it is a fantastic film and the actress playing the wife, Dr. Anne Turner is incredible. I highly recommend you all watch this, I don't know where it can be viewed fully, but it can be viewed in parts on YouTube.


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