Work place dilemmas and things that just p*ss you right off!

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Work place dilemmas and things that just p*ss you right off!

Postby Sometimes_anonymous » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:46 pm

I should add.... that p*ss you right off with work (and not life in general!)

This thread arises from what digger wrote:

Funny thing is though, and this is one small part of the point I was making, while I was making those (as it turned out) unrewarded efforts, I felt good about myself. Back in the days when I enjoyed my job, I got a lot of personal satisfaction from it as well as putting in a lot of hours, originality and creativity. I made them a lot of money and saved them a lot too. It's only in the latter years where I've realised the cynics were right and the company is just a bunch of exploitative, uncaring bastards, that I've stopped putting in, AND stopped getting anything out. Quid pro quo, I guess you could say.

I'm interested to hear what the situation is now.

Do you still work there but just now see your job as something that pays the bills, you do what's asked of you and nothing more?

Or have you left the place? And if not why not? (Not that I see that as something you should do there are various reasons we all stay in jobs we don't particularly like.)

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