Highly recommend Damian Steadman - Garden Landscaper

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Highly recommend Damian Steadman - Garden Landscaper

Postby Jane_Chorlton » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:37 pm

I posted a little while back enquiring about a garden landscaper:


I got various quotes for the work, approximately five in total, and decided to go with Damian Steadman, the Urban Gardener. I am very happy with the work he has done on my garden. Although I had an idea of what I wanted he was able to guide me with what would work in practice in my garden and what wouldn't and I’m very pleased with the end result.

Price-wise he quoted the same as another landscaper but the rest were more expensive. I chose Damian Steadman as I believed the other landscaper lacked the confidence to do the work.

One of my neighbours has been so impressed with his work that he has already arranged for him to do some work, landscaping their front garden, and another neighbour wants a quote.

I’m posting this on here in case anybody wishes to search for a landscaper based in Chorlton they will see this thread.

His phone number is: 07816 915744

Below is a link to his website with some of his work.


As I read this it sounds like I’m plugging somebody that I know, I’m genuinely not, no relation of mine whatsoever just pleased with a very good job and I know how difficult it was for me finding a good, reasonably priced, landscaper. My other post earlier today is looking for a joiner as I find it difficult to find reasonably priced, local, skilled tradespeople sometimes hence why I have posted this.

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