Young People - Alcohol

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Young People - Alcohol

Postby samantha » Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:13 am


I am a PhD student at The University of Manchester conducting research into the spaces and places of young people’s (aged 15-24) drinking practice in Chorlton and Wythenshawe. I am being funded my the Economic and Social Research Council and Alcohol Research UK.

I need 24 young people to take part in my study. I will interview them once in November 2013, and then I will conduct a 'follow up' interview approximately a year later to see how their drinking practices, and where they drink, has changed.

During the year, I will ask the young people if they would let me accompany them on a few nights out, interview a few of their friends, draw a map of their drinking spaces, send me photos/videos and text messages during their nights in/out involving alcohol, and complete written/audio diaries - the young people can opt into as many or as little of these methods as they like. I also wish to interview the parent/carer of the young people to see how the drinking practices, and the spaces of drinking has changed between generations.

I have an enhanced CRB check, and the research project has secured full ethical approval from the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee.

Here is a link to my research profile: ... _samantha/

If you are aged between 15-24 or are the parent/carer of a young person in this age range, and you think you
may like to take part, please may you e-mail me

Thank you so much in advance,


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