Manchester house price rise higher than London

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Re: Manchester house price rise higher than London

Postby annie » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:42 pm

TossPot wrote:
Annie on the other hand doesn't advance thoughful arguments. She just resorts to lazy stereotypes, whilst claiming some sort of moral high-mindedness for her left wing view (neatly overlooking the fact that Socialism was the largest man-made cause of human suffering and economic failure in the 20th Century). Her 'arguments' tend to be along the lines of "Tories are greedy . . . mean . . . steal from the poor . . ." Nothing of substance. Nothing properly considered. Little more than slogans really. Frankly just more evidence that she's thick as pig shit.

This is exactly what I mean about Tories. Name-calling clothheads who would rather just attempt to belittle opposing arguments, rather than acknowledging the five points of truth I laid out in my last post. So, so predictable.

I was careful enough not to direct any personal abuse at any one Tory, but rather to tar them all with the brush of eternal damnation.

Pisspot has, as usual, decided to make it personal, and reverted to type, in a clear breach of the rules of this board... the selfish, shitshovelling, vermin Tory bastard scum that he is. :D
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Re: Manchester house price rise higher than London

Postby TossPot » Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:37 pm

annie wrote:who would rather just attempt to belittle opposing arguments

You haven't advanced any arguments.

Come to think about it I can't remember when you ever did.
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Re: Manchester house price rise higher than London

Postby gitface » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:10 pm

Nice to have a civilised disagreement Mr TossPot. Did write a reply about the impossibility of knowing whether our lords and masters have overdone the austerity thing. I suspect yes. I guess you think not. And we'll never really know will we? Even with 20 years' hindsight.

Then the smegging hotel wi-fi dropped out and erased my considered response. Apparently the German private sector is no panacea. :shock:

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Re: Manchester house price rise higher than London

Postby TossPot » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:58 am

gitface wrote: Even with 20 years' hindsight.

I think it's already more than clear that reductions in public spending were needed. Even at the end of the last Labour administration, Alistair Darling was boasting that he was going to 'cut deeper than Thatcher'. Then after losing the election, Labour decided public expenditure cuts were a bad thing. Now they've seen that Tory economic policy worked, they seem to be changing their mind back again (just as Francois Holland has been forced to change his tune). I think you're right that 20 years might be a reasonable timescale for the UK to dig itself out of Brown's mess though, except I'd preface it with 'at least'.

The 'cuts' in the UK to date have actually been pretty superficial though, and perhaps more of a directional signal than being the real cuts which are needed. As the economy picks up, if we're not going to get back into the same mess again, much bigger roll-back of what the state does will be pretty much unavoidable, whoever wins the next election. Other nations (for example Ireland) have been more honest with their electorate about this and have gone much further in making cuts. Fortunately Osborne is now telling some hard truths about what's to come, instead of soft-soaping the electorate in the run up to the election. Thatcher was similarly honest about 'taking the harsh medicine' and that honesty played well with the electorate.
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