Anyone else tried Chorlton's new wine bar yet?

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Re: Anyone else tried Chorlton's new wine bar yet?

Postby munchkin » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:14 pm

blenkinsop wrote:Munchkin

The pub in Chorlton to which you refer, will be losing it's arse, as will the one advertised for sale in Manchester.

You don't know that without looking at the books. It's enough of a turnover to make a decent profit but it depends on many other factors.

still_ill wrote:I could easily envisage a place like Font Bar or somewhere else which sells quality alcohol, serves food and is hugely popular on the weekends turning over tens of thousands of pounds per week. £30k a week would work out at just over £4k a day. It's not a huge amount of money when you consider that drinks on average might be £4 and they might serve 100 meals a day. I wouldn't be surprised if Font, The Bar, Elektrik, Parlour, etc, serve three or four times that amount of covers a day over the weekend.

Fair enough , I had ignored food. I still don't believe that any of the pubs mentioned would average anywhere near £30K a week and won't do until someone comes up with some actual numbers to prove it !

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Re: Anyone else tried Chorlton's new wine bar yet?

Postby richardfrosty » Thu May 07, 2015 5:56 pm

You wait ages for a wine bar then 2 come along at once.

Although this one has novelty wine glass racks:

Time Out visits Palate in Chorlton
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