behaviour of local business

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behaviour of local business

Postby Birder28 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:53 pm

I'm afraid I'm talking about one, well known, butcher.
Although they clearly produce good quality meat, and provide to local business, more and more i'm put off by the staff.
Some years ago there was an accusation of sexism, dismissed (but apologised for!) as banter - Not a major issue in isolation, what really worries me more in recent months and years in the owners attitude to the environment and even at time the law, around what he deems the 'country side'.

I will declare now that I am biased, as I work in the environment sector, which maybe why this bothers me so.
Late last year, he posted photos on facebook of him, with around 20 dead Pink-footed geese. Now PFG are not bred for sport, they are a wild species, which is doing well in their Icelandic breeding quarters thanks to massive conservation efforts. They migrate here for winter. Because they are a species of limited range, there are specific rules set out to protect them, including a 5 bird 'bag' limit. Many disagree with shooting some wild species, pink-footed goose being one of them, woodcock is another.
Another rule in place to protect these species is that they cannot be sold - only given away. Which, I know this butchers does adhere to.

The next gripe comes today, this morning per twitter, 'Something to really piss the RSPCA off' with a photo of a larson trap and live magpie. Although Larson traps are not illegal if used correctly, they are contentious as they are often associated with the illegal killing of birds of prey which enter them after the magpie (live bait). No one is accusing our butcher of condoning the killing of birds of prey, but they are making it obvious that they will use live magpies to attract and kill further birds. There is no scientific justification that killing magpies affects the numbers in an area, nor that magpies have a considerable or unnatural affect on song birds locally - They will take eggs, but not so many to cause declines.

Late last year I spoke with a mate of mine, an owner of a local restaurant in Chorlton which had received a compliant from a customer saying they would prefer their meat sourced from somewhere with a healthier attitude to the environment.
I now do not shop at this Butchers, nor do I buy meat from any of the places that I know they provide it to.

I'd much prefer it if whatever our butcher likes to do in his spare time, regardless of legality, but kept private. As a customer, I can't help but put him and his business together in the same boat.

I eat meat, and I am against sustainable, legal, shooting. I am completely against antagonising of animal welfare charities, the use of live bait and the killing of wild range restricted species - Please help drag our local butchers into 2016.

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