THIS FORUM - Should it Continue?

the place on the chorlton bulletin board for vegetable-spread related chatter and other's the first, the best and it's currently hack free.
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Re: THIS FORUM - Should it Continue?

Postby Richard_H » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:31 pm

I too would be sad to see this forum disappear, but if I'm honest I am unlikely to post to it much in the future so I could not blame Mark for shutting it down - it's his bandwidth and fees after all.

Having lived in Chorlton for around 15 years prior to joining this forum, I found it to be an excellent place for access to local news and views that I had never had before. True. there have been a few "moments" when things between posters and topics got slightly temperamental (as happens on any web forum), but I've generally had a good time on here with a good few laughs along the way and I've also made a handful of new friends in real life from it too (there was a time when almost the first question I got asked when chatting to new people around the suburb was "Do you post on Chorlton Web?").

Like many, I gravitated to the Chorlton Facebook page for a while (which is fine if you ignore the daft comments) but I never found it a true substitute for this place - the banter was not quite as friendly and the huge number of members makes it slightly impersonal imho.

The thing is, there are now so many ways to access local information that it isn't necessary to keep coming back to just one place all of the time: most of the information I need is now "pushed" to my mobile phone by the services I subscribe to, I don't need to go manually hunting it down myself.

So - many thanks to Mank and all the other posters on here for all the times we've shared together - I hope they will continue (however infrequently) but I'll understand if they don't.

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Re: THIS FORUM - Should it Continue?

Postby ManchesterTom » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:09 pm

I've just registered to voice my opinion here. I keep coming back to check this site as a guest from time to time. I would hope for this forum to continue.

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Re: THIS FORUM - Should it Continue?

Postby PeteMakstar » Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:06 pm

Does Annie not even post here anymore?
Man, what happened here :(
I remember the glory years.

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