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Creative writing classes in Chorlton

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:12 am
by NicolaM
Hello all,

I'm wondering whether people would be interested in a Creative writing class in Chorlton? I'm thinking of setting one up and would like to gauge the interest.

It would initially be for people who feel they want to write but haven't, for whatever reason, got started, or started long ago and then stopped. The emphasis would be on getting writing again rather than critiquing work or finishing a novel (though that option would be available too, eventually.)

There would be a charge for the class, perhaps around the price of a typical Cholton yoga class. It's creative exercise after all...:-)

Writing, or even thinking about writing, can be a lonely business, so if a few people gathered together once a week/month to do it, it could really help. Who knows, you might even find fellow writing kindred spirits who'd like to form a critique group or just create a facebook group to help one another carry on.

A bit about me: I've been a freelance writer for 17 years. I've got a two book deal with Piatkus, Little Brown and my first novel is coming out next year. I always wanted to write, but although i was writing for a living, I didn't write creatively for a long time and it was not a pleasant feeling. I'd love to help other people reconnect with their writer selves.

We're all creative. Every single one of us. Sometimes we just need someone to give us a little push and to tell us, yes, you are allowed to do it.

Do let me know if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Thanks and best wishes,