a wander down my memory lane

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p. webb
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a wander down my memory lane

Postby p. webb » Sun May 23, 2004 5:35 pm

At 12. playing "dare" with a girl in the old railway station ticket house (where safeway now stands) and being quite interested with what I saw!

At 13. getting arrested for riding my motorbike across the green on my way to the meadows - I dont think they liked the doughnuts i left!

At 14. getting arrested in the Royal Oak for under aged drinking with my brother and the McGoverns' - local family, you probably dont know them.

At 15. getting arrested (and released without charge) for allegedly trying to break into an unamed shop (it isnt there anymore! not related i hasten to add).

At 16. getting absolutley battered for chatting some blokes bird up in Valentines nightclub - she was 19...and fit as a very fit thing.

At 17. turning down the chance to buy a detached house on Westfield Road for £32,500...it seemed like a lot of money at the time!

At 18. turning down the chance to buy 2 houses together on Albany Road for £45,000 (the pair!).

At 19. Having a very enjoyable liason in the pictures with an unamed female - i didnt even get her name!..but still see her in chorlton from time to time, we smile, but never talk.. (the pictures where blockbuster is now, i cant walk in there without a smile crossing my lips).

At 20. buying my first house in chorlton for £52,500 and literally losing sleep wondering how many students i was going to have to get in to help me pay for it.

...I could go on...but its pretty dull from there on in...bought some houses... went more grouchy and middle class and middle aged from then on... can you believe I even phone the council if my street lamp isnt working or the bin men dont come on time these days!

I never thought i would turn out like this...but i'm sure the "yobbos" who i despise now will end up just the same, so i just smile and think what their life will be like in 20 years.

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Postby Louise » Sun May 23, 2004 8:24 pm

What a strange life you have led P Webb.

p. webb
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Postby p. webb » Sun May 23, 2004 10:27 pm

why thank you louise :-)

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