Rules and Tiny FAQ

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Rules and Tiny FAQ

Postby yoss » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:04 pm


1. No threats, no personal abuse.
2. No spamming.
3. No abuse of the board - ie repeated pointless thread bumping.
4. Reasonable local advertising only.
5. No blatant ( ie over the top ) racism/sexism/and... homophobia.
6. Nothing illegal.

Sanctions will be on a case by case basis, but we'll resist censorship unless there really isn't another option.


1. Isn't this a forum for and about Chorlton, why do people keep talking rubbish?

Nominally yes, but in reality no, Wandering off topic is fine, and you can discuss what you want, so long as it's within the rules.

2. Can I post smileys?

Oh go on then if you must.

3. You people are mad.

So join in then and improve the content. Don't be shy.

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