Guestbook or Discussions - what's the difference?

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Guestbook or Discussions - what's the difference?

Postby admin » Mon Jan 05, 2004 1:33 am

Depends really.
Ever since chorlton.web started (7 years ago - wow) the Guestbook has been the place for people who live in chorlton, and people who used to live in chorlton, to say hello to each other, and to share memories.
It's been a vibrant, often moving set of stories from all sorts of people 'writing' from all sorts of places.
If you want to share general opinions, thoughts or memories, the Guestbook's a good place to do it.

I started Discussion Groups a relatively short time ago. Use them to start themed discussions about specific issues - will the Trams ever arrive, for example, or the best curry houses.

The only real rules are that all posts to the Guestbook and discussions are either about chorlton, or about what people in chorlton think. Why? I run this website for the people in chorlton, and pay for it with my own time and resources. I know that most people want it to be about chorlton, and I'm happy to keep it that way. Feel free to disagree.[/b]

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