I need to contact the WARHURST or HOLDEN family/friends

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I need to contact the WARHURST or HOLDEN family/friends

Postby LittleMo » Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:31 pm

My name is Maureen Wardley. I recently found out that my best friend DEBORAH WARHURST and her ex-husband KEVIN HOLDEN have passed away (about 2 years ago). I am trying to track down family and friends of these two people to pass on my condolences. They leave behind a daughter Catriona and I am trying to make sure she is being looked after (she's about 19 now but she would have been 16-17 when she lost her mum and dad). I am living in North Yorkshire these days. I think GRAHAM WARHURST is now married to a lady named SHIELA. They could be living in the Chorlton area. I can be reached through: Fluffymo@hotmail.co.uk thanks
Hi everyone in Manchester - I am trying to look out for Debs (Holden) daughter - can u help me?
I know Graham Warhurst is the Uncle and Joe Warhurst is the Granddad! Your messages may help me!

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