'IMPROVE UKULELE' Workshop in Chorlton, 20/9/14.

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'IMPROVE UKULELE' Workshop in Chorlton, 20/9/14.

Postby ladybrook » Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:40 am

Hello everyone,

We are running an afternoon 'Improve Ukulele' Workshop at Habitual Fitness for people who play the Ukulele a little but would like to move forward. These sessions are a great deal of fun and a good afternoon out!

Saturday 20th September. 1-5pm.

Habitual Fitness
559 Barlow Moor Rd

You will learn:

- right hand fingerpicking posture and technique
- various fingerpicking patterns
- to 'randomise' fingerpicking patterns
- to combine fingerpicking with strumming
- to add percussive effects to strumming
- left hand hammer on/pull off techniques in chords
- a wider chord vocabulary
- to add riffs to chord sequences
- to improve rhythm in your playing
- 4 new songs and how to apply the above!

Price: £32 per person

Ukuleles available for hire, or sale (10% off)

For full info, and to register, please visit: www.musicneveralone.co.uk/improve_ukulele
Or email: Richard - info@musicneveralone.co.uk

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