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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Beech Road

New Restaurant (or is that Bar)

The things I do for you lot...

Went to Marmalade the other night - the new restaurant that's taken The Nose's place opposite the Beech Road Pet Shop. It's been started by the bloke who used to have something to do with the whats-it-called. There, that'll teach you to look to me for information.

Anyway, I had Cauliflower and Cheddar soup, followed by Roast Beef and finished with Bread Pudding. The Other Eater (well, there's always gotta be one...) had the same soup, Lemon Sole and a funny Creme Brulee sort of thingy.

Food all great apart from the fish that tasted good but was a bit pinky and got send back for a good zapping.

Must admit: we were on a freebie; no, not coz of chorlton.web (as if) but they were doing a couple of special, almost 'practice', sessions where you ate for free and just paid for drinks. 2x3-course meal for a tenner, yeehaa.
They've not really done much to the interior, so that's ok, and the staff are extremely cheerful, knowledgeable and friendly. Apparently they have regular exams to test their familiarity with the menu!

Prizes 'n all!

The only problem...

...was that at about 9.30 the place seemed to change from a restaurant to a bar! Almost without us noticing the place got very loud and very smoky, and we felt completely lost sitting in the middle eating a proper meal!

All in all, I give it 7.5 out of 10; food is great, atmosphere nice early one and nice people.