Sunday, September 28, 2003

I was in a well-known 'supermarket' in chorlton the other day. I'm sure you know it, it's the one that has difficulty keeping its shelves stocked. They've got a 'Christmas Aisle' already. In September! Am I alone in thinking this is early even for the 21st century???

Yesterday I bought a chicken pie from the execrable Safeways on B-M Road.
I got it home and discovered Pork in the ingredients, so I took it back - they refused it because I'd had it out of the store more than 20 minutes.
That's the law - fair enough.
But how disgusting that they put Pork - offensive culturally/religiously to many including me - in chicken products.
And how disgusting that they haven't got enough nous (?) to refund me as a matter of goodwill.
Safeways Chorlton has always been a dreadful supermarket (my opinion, others' opinion). Roll on more reasons...

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