Sunday, October 19, 2003

one of the pleasures of running a website. the *&^%ed Guestbook seems to have stopped working. Anyone hacked it? Suppose I'll have to go fix it tomorrow. Nice day today, huh? Wandered up thru' Kings???? Wood, across the Mersey from the Water Park.
The Water Park, btw, is starting to look autumnally amazing. Get down (there)!
England at lunchtime - pretty exciting. Surely the RWC has screwed things up: a) England and SA in the same group; b) One result and England get to avoid the biggest three countries in world rugby in the knock-outs (unless I'm mistaken). That can't be fair, can it?
By the way - my fasting left me no more enlightened than before - perhaps I shouldn't have gone to work that day (oops).
right then

Sunday, October 05, 2003

today's yom kippur and i'm fasting.
dunno why
blogger - i'm the least prima donna webmaster in the chorltuniverse: i asked general for no more pics coz a) one's enough for the craic; b) they slow down the page; c) they're not exactly relevant to chorlton.
did anyone understand that segregation nonsense? i guessed the easiest thing was to remove it along with the multiple 'don't be a tosser' replies. o well, judgement call, done now.
yom kippur - it's about who you are and who you'd like to be, I think (obviously a great deal of religious/cultural stuff also - i'm talking about universal appeal) so i'm fasting as a sort of 'Get your head round it, bloke' initiative.
and why not
bye then

Saturday, October 04, 2003

i've just spent 15 minutes blogging and lost all my text. oof oof oof.
i mused on whether the guestbook/discussion forum are worth continuing with.
the discussion form is moribund, while the guestbook is, recently, a dull (dull dull) private conversation between a blogger (where is it?) and a chelsea supporter who likes tanks and enjoys the technical ability to position one photo on top of another.
the guestbook - in its time and prime - is a vivid touching overview of chorlton people currently resident overseas (heavy concentration in oz, some in canada, usa ++) reminiscing and saying hi!
plus there have been some cracking leftfield posts. where's buzzard when you need him?
have mugu (how insane are they) and the 'nice site' spammers finally done for us. i dunno. just venting me spleen.
anyone else like chorlton in the hail?
ps - responses and suggestions should be sent to the usual email address with, let's say, 'Blog response' in the subject line - I get about 100 spam messages a day.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

the 'well known supermarket' just sent me vouchers and a letter of apology. good for them, but how about getting rid of pig products in non pig products, if that makes sense...