Sunday, January 25, 2004

change log #3
menu font
changed it so it's the same as the rest of the page (Georgia then Times New Roman)
got rid of it as the page background. will start to think about a new logo
chorlton park regeneration group site
redesigned park regen subsite.
next steps

  • new logo

  • style switcher - lets users switch between style sheets to change page appearance

new partnership
looks like chorlton.web might be about to experience 'new blood syndrome' with a serious offer of help and new ideas, mostly content-based. could be exciting, could be yet another false horizon. still...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

change log #2


photoshopped the logo so it's semi-transparent.
no, i don't expect most of this to be hugely interesting, but it's a decent place for me to record changes and, if anyone is interested in the evolution of chorlton.web's css, here it is!
i must change the home page from index.shtml to index.htm - the .shtml is a left over from olden days when i used an ssi (server side include) that required the shtml suffix.
god, designing web pages rocks 8--}

first blog of the new year - as if anyone cares.

two weeks in sunny spain has left me revitalised, hence:

the brand new community forum pages powered by phpBB - this will make it much easier to solve any problems with posts to the Guestbook or any discussion forum.

at the moment there are about 12 registered users - not many, nor many posts, but chorlton.web has never gone heavy on audience participation!

that is - i'd love it but it doesn't seem to happen much!!

last night i uploaded a new version of the home page - it's clean, uses pure CSS formatting, and is accesible to text browsers etc

as a sometime web designer, with a keen and growing interest in what they call 'web standards', i've been a bit abashed about the chorlton.web site for ages.

  • most of it:
  • looks messy
  • has get several clashing styles
  • is out of date
  • some of the directory info is out of date
  • it ignores some of chorlton's big plus points
  • it wastes time on bits i can't imagine anyone looks at

o i could go on for ages.

what is worse, from my and an accessibility point of view, is that it uses old-fashioned coding and html, making it obsolete and inaccessible to many people, browsers.

so i'm going to use this blog as some sort of change log:

change log #1

new home page

new page puts navigation in the top right using a simple float.
links in the navbar get a blue background when hovered over. these links should really be coded as an unordered link coz that's what they are. css will then make sure that the list is not formatted as a default list (bullets & indentations 'n that)

the main content area has got the old logo bottom right - it looks much too garish and big. i need to photoshop it to make it half-transparent and reduce the size. i'm not sure it should just live in the background.
maybe we need a new logo as well, i'm just still fond of the old one

i've also just hacked the way the font sizes are controlled - css has got problems with font sizes and accesibility. the best way will be to fix the sizes, i think, and provide a 'make fonts bigger' widget.

i'd also like a 'change style' widget. all in the fullness of time

the main think is probably to save the new style as a simple template and apply it quickly to other pages.

watch them spaces