Sunday, February 22, 2004

change log #5
now on the left. it works ok now on most browsers, I guess, tho i haven't tested it on ie 5.5 or below. if your browser isn't happy with any of the site, mail me. check the site for the address.
when i get the directory sorted, we'll keep the main nav on the left and place the directory navigation on the right. shouldn't be that tough.
bulletin board
the board software has been upgraded (phpBB 2.0.4 to 2.0.6). it would be nice to think that this would solve the problem at least one AOL user has been having. AOL assing ip addresses (the address that makes your computer temporarily part of the internet) wierdly - they change lots and lots, and bulletin board software - which keeps track of these things to check you are who you say you are - finds it difficult to keep up.
there's currently a banner on top (instead of a simple logo). I like it.
i've just been to barcelona for a few days. nice city. didn't see a single group of lads hanging around looking agressive. i like that. went to football (barca v athletico de madrid). around 90k people and completely non-agressive. i like that as well. i don't think i've ever been to a football match in uk (and i've been to a lot) where there wasn't agression. why is that? maybe the weather's too cold and we don't get out enough. o well.
bye for now

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

change log # 4: back again
s'been a bit quite around here, eh?
sorry - i've been working my socks off on the site appearance, sort of. i tell you, it's not easy creating that boyscout colour scheme!!
no, i've been doing a lot of css research etc, not all of which sees the light of day, if u c what i mean. actually, i do not like text speak at all (see earlier "u c") and i'll not be doing it again.
i do, though, like using lower case liberally, so expect a lot more of that. i digress, in a male sort of way - so i'm told 8--}
css developments
the right-side navigation bar is now structured as an unordered list, which is the way it should be. it means that text browsers like Lynx show the list as a list, and css-aware browsers (recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator & Opera etc) display the list, well, like I tell them to, which is a plain vertical navigation bar with a couple of neither big nor clever hover effects.
I've also changed the way links in the main text appear - i need to do a lot more work on this and other stuff, but i feel that i've got most of the top/secondary level content covered. i know the directory still sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb, but i'll get there. getting the info inside accurate's another matter entirely. feel free to submit corrections.
they're coming in thick and fast, but only from a select few.
roll up roll up!
back soon
i'm off for some culture for a day or three. see you later