Thursday, June 30, 2005


Beech Road

New Restaurant (or is that Bar)

The things I do for you lot...

Went to Marmalade the other night - the new restaurant that's taken The Nose's place opposite the Beech Road Pet Shop. It's been started by the bloke who used to have something to do with the whats-it-called. There, that'll teach you to look to me for information.

Anyway, I had Cauliflower and Cheddar soup, followed by Roast Beef and finished with Bread Pudding. The Other Eater (well, there's always gotta be one...) had the same soup, Lemon Sole and a funny Creme Brulee sort of thingy.

Food all great apart from the fish that tasted good but was a bit pinky and got send back for a good zapping.

Must admit: we were on a freebie; no, not coz of chorlton.web (as if) but they were doing a couple of special, almost 'practice', sessions where you ate for free and just paid for drinks. 2x3-course meal for a tenner, yeehaa.
They've not really done much to the interior, so that's ok, and the staff are extremely cheerful, knowledgeable and friendly. Apparently they have regular exams to test their familiarity with the menu!

Prizes 'n all!

The only problem...

...was that at about 9.30 the place seemed to change from a restaurant to a bar! Almost without us noticing the place got very loud and very smoky, and we felt completely lost sitting in the middle eating a proper meal!

All in all, I give it 7.5 out of 10; food is great, atmosphere nice early one and nice people.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Beech Road Festival 2005

Just couldn't be arsed

Beech Road pluses:

  • Best food ever
  • Great weather
  • Huge amount of people

Beech Road minuses:

  • Cars on the road - why on earth are the roads not shut?
  • Bloke walking with huge dog not on lead down Beech Road - where's your respect?
  • Bloody funfair - unsafe, unattractive, and a complete shambles
  • Huge amount of people (more than normal, imho)
...and I just couldn't get it together to take any photos. Deus?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Unity 2005 Cancelled

Is anyone upset?

I know I'm not...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Morrisons, morrisons, morrisons...
Now it's not just lack of stock, but shocking attitudes and DANGER DANGER DANGER!
Here goes:
I finished shopping and noticed a smashed jar of tomato puree on the floor just by one of the cashdesks. Gunk everywhere (unpleasant, so what) along with broken glass including 2 or 3 large bits with pointy ends sticking straight up. In a proper supermarket this would be available for looking at for about 30 seconds max before getting whisked away to tom.puree heaven. Not in Morrisons.
After 2-3 mins of watching staff member after staff member walk past, I asked one of the cash takers who said she had told someone.
After another 2 minutes I shouted across the store to whichever morrison-bot was behind the desk: "There's loads of broken glass on the floor!"
Nothing doing.
A minute later I went to the desk and told the bloke loitering behind it - "Can't leave the money," he said, pointing to what may have been a bag of money on the desk.
Then Simon arrived - the manager who's been with the shop for several years now.
He took action by coming with me to see the lethal mess, then - without actually doing anythibng - said he'd get it sorted out.
So he went away - didn't ask someone to stand there as a warning, didn't cover it with anything, just left it - for a minute or two during which time I - yes, dear reader, chorlton.web's finest - covered the glass with a few shopping baskets.
There was another shopper sharing my annoyance - he said the glass had been there for 10 minutes, and then left, tripping over a couple of cardboard boxes that had been left by his checkout.
Honestly - not only does the shop barely carry any stock after 5pm, not only do the increasingly-surly staff stand around chatting loudly, but now HEALTH and SAFETY are ignored completely even when warnings are given.
I never thought I'd say bring back Safeways, I never thought I'd say that I'd prefer more souless flats instead of Morrisons, but...well, I'm not saying either of those things, but, currently, the branch of Morrisons at Chorlton is a complete shambles.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Accessible web design rocks. Just been at the @media2005 conference discussing Web Standards and Accessible Web design.
This is a reasonably new field, so virtually all the stars were there - oh, you should have seen us swooning.
Briefly, Accessible web design is the design of sites/pages so that they work properly in all modern web browsers as well as in as much assistive technology - such as screen readers - as possible.
This ensures that they are available (accessible - geddit?) to all users, no whatter what their browser (ever used a Mac, or a browser that isn't Internet Explorer and found that the site you wanted to visit didn't work at all, or wouldn't even let you in?) or their ability to use normal browsers, keyboards, mice etc.
Web standards help achieve this by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to keep the page content and styling instructions separate. Try this: on the home page of chorlton.web choose the View Source command (in the View menu); notice that you can actually read the code and, without too much difficulty, see which bits are content and which aren't. Now try most 'big' web sites and do the same - chances are you'll see a huge mess of code with no (or very little) actual content.
Sorry if this has made you glaze over, but it's what makes me passionate (ok, one of the things...) and it's my blog (author sticks tongue out).
We need an accessible web authors' forum in manchester; anyone up for it (it's going ahead anyway...).
Have I missed anything in chorlton over the last couple of days?
Also took advantage of being in the Big L by visiting the Tate Modern and cracking in The Winters Tale at the Globe Theatre - recreation of Shakespearian theatre: absolutely magnificent, my dear Malvolio!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Blog post

Spent part of the weekend at Platt Fields Garden of Delights. As usual, a cracker; it's the last one as the City Council (I believe) seem to have pulled the plug. Boo hiss etc.
Most of chorlton in attendance as befits the city's best/only concentration of alt/surreal drama/art/presence...
Two festivals left - Beech Road (can't wait) and Unity (anyone got anything better to do?)...

Friday, June 03, 2005

I don't seem to have updated this blog for 12 months, now.
Criminally insane.
What have I been doing?
Getting to grips with digital slr-ing and photoshop.
Trying to get a freelance web design thingy off the ground - see and
That'll do for now - must keep this thing going.
Does anyone read it?